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About Mary's Way

Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate, Inc. is a dynamic organization devoted to Jesus through His Most Holy Mother Mary.

Mary’s Way to Jesus Apostolate began operations in the state of New Jersey at the beginning of Mary’s month in May of 1996. Throughout our last 13 years, the unworthy caretaker of The Miraculous Icon® “Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces”® was given over 2,000 visible signs of the number 13, assuring him and guiding him, confirming how extremely important “Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces” is to everyone throughout the world.

During this time, thousands of favors, blessings, gifts, graces and over 100 incredible alleged miracles have been reported, documented, and attributed to the extraordinarily effective Method of Praying and Prayers found within our beautiful Gold Leaf Prayer Cards to “Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces” - a Doctrine of the Catholic Church - Mary’s Most Powerful Role!

Today, we continue to follow our proven method of prayer and adhere to our rigid standard for quality to produce the Most Exquisite and Effective Gold Leaf Prayer Cards and Most Inexpensive Glittering Gold Leaf Icons available anywhere. It is for this reason that “Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces” Miraculous Icons and Prayer Cards have spread to over 100 countries.

What Makes Us Unique?

It's everything we do, from the exquisite lifelike beauty of our stunning Icons to the special process we go through on each of our Unique Four-sided Prayer Cards and Miraculous Icons, to our personal and intimate relationships in religious and prayer communities throughout the world, including:
  • Pope John Paul II, in a special meeting in his Private Office and Personal Library in the Vatican, blessed the original Mary Mediatrix of All Graces Icon on May 14, 1999 in a private audience in Rome. In this historic audience, Pope John Paul II received Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces Prayer Cards, Mediatrix Icon Medal, Icon Book explaining the 200 most important details in Our Lady Mediatrix Icon, and three Mary Mediatrix Icons. The Pope pointed out details in the Icon and invited us to bring the original Mary Mediatrix Icon to his Private Chapel and to “Place the Icon next to the altar” (the exact words of Pope John Paul II) for prayers and for his Papal Mass with 26 Archbishops and Bishops!

  • Every Prayer Card and every Sacred Miraculous Icon will be blessed at the altar at mass, with holy water and with blessed incense, “with Every Healing and All Evil Dispelling Blessings” – at no additional cost to you!

  • All of our Prayer Cards and Icons are also all reverently touched to “the kissing Lips” of Mary on the Original Miraculous Icon which was individually blessed by Pope John Paul II and by nearly 1,000 Bishops, Archbishops, Priests, Monsignors, and Cardinals from 70 Different Countries!

  • You will also see on our prayer cards Saint Augustine's, one of "The Four Great Father's of The Church," 7 reasons why your prayers are not answered! And his 3 things to do for you to receive healings, miracles, and many graces!

  • The 2 extremely effective universally accepted Prayers on our Prayer Cards have a remarkable 4 Imprimaturs and 2 Ecclesiastical Approvals from 6 Archbishops and Bishops!

  • All of our Gold Leaf Icons will be very reverently touched to 45 of the most precious Sacred First Class Relics which will also make your Icon Third Class Relics of all 45 Relics!

  • Every Prayer Card and every Icon comes with statements, photographs, and histories documenting of all of the above.

  • Saint Luke allegedly painted this Icon of Mary when she was living – with Mary’s true earthly face!

  • Mystic, master fine art painter, and World Renown Marian Visionary Josyp Terelya - who saw Mary 7 times - painted Mary’s true, glorified, “Heavenly Face” on our Icon using “Mary’s Earthly Face” that Saint Luke painted as a guide! This was confirmed by all 6 Medjugorje Visionaries.

  • This Sacred Miraculous Icon is venerated worldwide! It is enshrined in a great many Churches and Chapels, and countless homes around the world!
You must see our beautiful Prayer Cards and Sacred Miraculous Icons for yourself in order to fully appreciate their exquisite detail and unmatched beauty, which we cannot replicate with a simple photo-reproduction on our website. You'll be amazed by the brilliance of the glittering gold leaf on our canvas texture and very lifelike, prints, lithographs, and giclees and other religious items!

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