Sacred First Class Relic of True Cross!

Emperor Constantine’s mother, Saint Helena, went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in the year 324 AD. She searched in Jerusalem for two years trying to find the actually burial site of the True Cross of Jesus. She was 74 years old at that time. Despite her very advanced age of 74, when the life span of the average person was under 50 years old, she kept searching all over without success for two years.

Jerusalem was extremely rugged mountainous country. A Jewish man took pity on seeing this elderly woman search fruitlessly for the True Cross for two years. This man was one of the few men still alive, who knew the exact location where the True Cross was originally secretly buried. It was buried in a cave for almost 300 years!   Everyone who knew where it was buried had died, except for a few men. The cave was completely hidden by bushes and trees.

Through the Grace of God, the man took pity on this elderly woman searching in vain for two years. He decided through the Grace of God to show her where the relics of the Crucifixion were hidden. He guided her to the cave. They took away the trees and brush that hid the entrance to the cave. Once inside, to Saint Helena’s great delight were: three crosses, a bundle of thorns, three nails, the veil of Mary and the title INRI (which means “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews) which Pilate put on the cross to the dismay of the high priests. Also in the cave was the actual tabletop made by Jesus in Saint Joseph’s workshop, that Saint Luke painted the Icon of Mary on, in Ephesus at Saint John’s house, when Saint Luke was asking about the early life of the Holy Family. The image is in Saint Mary Major Papal Basilica in it’s own Chapel, the finest chapel in the world. It has been there for 1,600 years.

Everything was separated. The Title was in one corner of the cave, the nails in another corner and the bundle of thorns in a different area and three crosses, one taller than the other two.

To discover which of the three crosses was the one on which Jesus was crucified, a very sick dying woman was brought to the site. She was laid on each of the crosses one by one. When she was laid on the third cross, the tallest of the three which Jesus was crucified on, she was miraculously instantly cured! They knew by that, that this was the True Cross of Jesus, this was the first of thousands of miracles that came from the actual True Cross.

Saint John Paul the Great said of the “True Cross of Jesus” in his Papal Letter entitled, Pastores Gregis (which means “Shepherds of the Flock”) – “Ave Crux, spes unica! (which means “Hail Cross, our only hope) May this acclamation….remain ever on our lips, for the Cross is a mystery of life and death. The Cross has become for the Church a ”tree of life”. For this reason we proclaim that life has triumphed over death.“


In the year 1895, Mystic and Doctor of the Church, Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, “The Little Flower”, wrote: “Beneath thy Veil thy Jesus slept” in Jesus’ Holy Crèche Manger. In 1948, Mystic Maria Valtorta revealed in her detailed work about the life of Christ that “Our Lady placed her veil on newborn Jesus, in The Holy Manger”! In 1820, Mystic, Visionary, and Stigmatist, Blessed Ann Catherine Emmerich revealed that “Mary placed her Veil on Jesus to cover His nakedness when taken down from the Cross”!

After the Crucifixion, the Cross, the 3 Nails, the Title, the Crown of Thorns, and this most precious relic of The Blessed Virgin Mary’s Veil – WITH THE MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS ON IT FROM THE CRUCIFIXION were hidden in a covered cave in Jerusalem. In the year 326 AD Saint Helena found them, and gave them to her son Emperor Constantine. Mary’s Veil, which is off-white in color, was handed down to members of the Royal Families for the next 550 years. It was eventually given to Charlemagne’s grandson Emperor Charles le Chauve in France who gave Mary’s Veil to the

Cathedral of Notre Dame in Chartres
Cathedral of Notre Dame in Chartres

Cathedral of Notre Dame in Chartres, France in the year 876 AD. The Cathedral of Notre Dame was enlarged specifically to keep this magnificent, very sacred relic of Our Lady’s Veil. Many miracles occurred in the special Chapel in Notre Dame and throughout France through Mary’s Veil. It was venerated there for the next 917 years.

In the year 1793, during the desecration of religious objects during the terrible French Revolution’s “Reign of Terror”, Mary’s Veil was purposely cut in half and hidden for safety. After the ten year-long French Revolution ended, the pieces of Mary’s Veil were returned to Notre Dame Cathedral. A very small part of Mary’s Veil was divided into small relics for a few Royal Families in Europe (perhaps as very precious gifts to them for their helping France during the terrible French Revolution). Six years after the “Reign of Terror” of the French Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte became “Emperor of the French and the King of Italy”.

Imperial Highness Maria Letizia (Romolino)
Her Imperial Highness Maria Letizia (Romolino) Bonaparte

napoleonIn the year 1805, Napoleon Bonaparte was given three precious pieces of Mary’s Veil from the Cathedral of Notre Dame for having taken charge, stabilizing, and saving France at the end of the French Revolution. Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte gave the most precious relic of Mary’s Veil to his mother, Her Imperial Highness Maria Letizia (Romolino) Bonaparte. The Emperor’s Silversmith made a one-of-a-kind beautiful, humble, very special Silver Reliquary to hold this most precious relic of Mary’s Veil (which is now in our Apostolate).

DEVELOBVM2notext copy
Profile of Mary with her inner Tunic and flowing Mantle which covers Mary’s shoulder

The 12 special features of the handmade Silver Reliquary containing Mary’s Veil are: it has 13 little diamonds in a circle – representing Mary at Pentecost with the 12 Apostles around the 3 pieces of Mary’s Veil – representing the Holy Trinity.   The Veil rests on a sheet of pure gold – representing heaven. In the Reliquary are two, one karat blue sapphire gems under each side of the circle – representing “The Sacred Heart of Jesus” and “The Immaculate Heart of Mary”! It has the Italian words “De Velo BVM” – or “The Veil of the Blessed Virgin Mary”. This all rests on a textured light-blue cloth – representing Mary’s mantle. The Reliquary is made of silver, not gold – representing Mary’s humility!   On the back of this singularly unique, custom made, oval shaped Silver Reliquary (surprisingly, made in the oval shape of the 25 years later 1830 Miraculous Medal) is the hand carved profile of Mary with her inner Tunic and flowing Mantle which covers Mary’s shoulder, neck and head, AND THE FACE OF MARY WHICH IS EXACTLY IDENTICAL TO THE MIRACULOUS ICON® OUR LADY MEDIATRIX OF ALL GRACES ®! All of this on an intricate carved, Veil-like, textured background – again representing Mary’s Veil!

viil2015The three precious pieces of the Veil of The Blessed Virgin Mary were handed down for generations to the Royal Family of Italy for 141 years, until the year 1946 when the King of Italy, Victor Emmanuel III abdicated.  King Emmanuel III personally then gave Mary’s Veil to the Vatican in 1946. The Vatican then placed Napoleon Bonaparte’s Reliquary with Mary’s Veil in it in the Catholic Church’s Official Depository of Relics in Rome. It stayed there for 60 years until the year 2006, when a benefactor was gifted with this most precious relic. He then donated it to the Founder and Director of “Mary’s Way to Jesus Apostolate”, Francis Slinsky, in the United States, for the purpose of very reverently touching this most precious Relic to all of our religious articles – at no cost – thereby making Mary’s Way’s religious articles very Precious Third-Class Relics of the White Veil of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

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